Physics 1 - Chapter 30


Terms and Objectives

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New Terms in Chapter 30:


chromatic aberration

converging lens


diverging lens

eyepiece lens



objective lens



spherical aberration

convex lens

concave lens

Chapter 30 Objectives:

When you have completed chapter 30, you should be able to:

  1. ... distinguish between converging and diverging lens by their shape.
  2. ... locate images formed by converging and diverging lenses using ray diagrams or lens equations, and identify the image as real or virtual.
  3. ... describe the operation of simple optical instruments such as a camera, projector, magnifying glass, refracting telescope, binoculars, and compound microscope.
  4. ...describe the normal optics of the human eye.
  5. ...explain the causes of nearsightedness and farsightness in terms of the optics of the eye, and explain how a lens is used to correct these conditions.
  6. ...describe common lens defects, such as spherical and chromatic aberration.
  7. ...describe the optics of a pinhole lens.

Lens IntroPhysics 1 at BHS[Help]
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