Physics 1 - Chapter 29 (Part 3)

Refraction & Dispersion

Terms & Objectives

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Terms in Chapter 29 (Part 3):

angle of refraction

critical angle


Law of Refraction




Snell's Law


total internal reflection

wave front

Objectives for Chapter 29 (Part 3):

After completing this part of the chapter, you should be able to:

  1. ... identify the angle of incidence and the angle of refraction of a ray passing from one medium into another.
  2. ... tell whether light will bend toward or away from the normal in passing between two media when given the relative speed of light in the 2 media, or the indices of refraction of the two media.
  3. ... discuss the relation between the index of refraction of a substance and the speed of light in that substance.
  4. ... describe and explain examples of the refraction of light and sound.
  5. ... describe and explain total internal reflection and critical angle.
  6. ... describe and explain dispersion.
  7. ... describe and explain examples of atmospheric refraction and dispersion, including rainbows.

Refraction IntroPhysics 1 at BHS[Help]
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