For Students: Clubs, Lunches & Other Reading Opportunities


Literary Lunches     Let’s get together to eat, talk books and have a bit of fun. TBA.


  1. YHBA for 4th & 5th graders. Read 5 or more Intermediate level titles in order to vote in late April.

  2. Battle of the Books for 3rd graders. Runs January -March.  Classroom battles are the week of Feb. 26 with the grade level battle on March 9.


  1. To Be Determined for 2017-18.

  2. In the past we’ve had the following lunchtime clubs:

  3. Tech Sherpas

  4. Harry Potter

  5. American Girl

  6. Equestrian

  7. Fishing

  8. Wings of Fire


  1. Media Helpers- 5th graders help in the library one day per week during their recess. Sign up is in late August.

  2. Book Fair Committee - 5th graders in September.

The Principal’s 2017 Summer Reading Club paperwork

is due Friday, September 1!

2017 Summer Rdg Form.pdf