Hermes and the cattle of Apollo


Hermes is known to be a trickster and thief. This all started back when he was a infant and he snuck out of his cradle and heading to Piera to steal his half- brother Apollos cattle. He found the cows and one by one pulled the hoofs out of the cows feet and reattached them in reverse order. He led the cattle into a cave and hid them there and then hermes returned to mount Cyllene in Arcadia. Apollo figured out his cows were missing and he started searching for him but the traces he saw were confusing since the hoofs on the cattle were backwards. Apollo is the god of prophecy so he figured out that hermes was the thief. He found hermes and took him to Mount Olympus to be judged by Zeus. Zeus found the story quite amusing so he didn’t punish hermes he just asked if he would return the cattle. Hermes felt bad for what he did so in return he gave Apollo his lyre (musical instrument). Apollo then returned the gesture by giving hermes a golden rod to guide the herds. From that moment on, there was peace again in Mount Olympus and a strong friendship began between Hermes and Apollo