AP Physics

Ch 1 - Measurement


After completing chapter 1, you should be able to:

Significant Digits:

  1. tell how many significant digits a measurement contains.
  2. make calculations with the correct number of significant digits.


  1. be able to name the base SI units for length, time, and mass.
  2. be able to state, in general, how the SI units for length, time,and mass are defined.
  3. know the common SI prefixes (boldface in table 1-2)

Units Conversion:

  1. be able to convert a measurement from one unit to another appropriate unit, given suitable conversion factors.
  2. be able to solve simple numerical problems involving units conversions


  1. recognize that no measurement is exact.
  2. estimate the precision/uncertainty/error of a measurement, and give appropriate reasons.
  3. state the precision/uncertainty/error of a measurement appropriately.
  4. calculate the precision/uncertainty/error of the result of a calculation.
  5. discuss the difference between precision and accuracy.

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