Writing a "Formal" Lab Report

in Physics

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A Physics Lab Report should contain the following:


What is the question that this experiment is designed to answer? Be brief, but complete and specific.


Describe the apparatus used in the experiment. A diagram is usually helpful.


Describe the process you used to perform the experiment.


The original data that you took should be included with the lab report, but a typed version many be included for clarity - especially if you used graphing or spreadsheet software to analyze your data..


This sections includes any graphs that you generated, shows sample calculations, and clearly states the values you calculated in the experiment.


What did you learn from this experiment? If the experiment was designed to answer a question, what is the answer, and how much confidence do you place in the answer? What do you think is the largest source of uncertainty in your results?

Measurement IntroAP Physics at BHS[Help]
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