Physics Activity - Measurement

A Simple Measurement


In this very simple exercise, you will measure the width and height of a photograph, then calculate its area. Then you will compare and discuss your results with the rest of the class.


this sheet

paper ruler

Procedure:your distinguished instructor

  1. Write the title of the lab and a brief description in your lab notebook.
  2. Measure the width and height of the photo at right using the paper ruler you were given. Record your measurements in your lab notebook in a data table similar to the data table below.
    data table


  1. Calculate the area of the photo. (Area = width x height, by the way...) Record the result in your data table.
  2. Write your name and result on the board as directed by your teacher.
  3. Record your classmates' areas in an organized manner (this means "data table"...) in your lab notebook.


Discuss the results of this activity with your classmates. If there are discrepancies in the results, do you notice any patterns? Can you account for the discrepancies? What could be done so that these discrepancies aren't repeated in future labs?

Summarize your conclusions in your lab notebook. Try to use proper measurement terminology.

Staple your paper ruler to the lab notebook page. Enter the lab in your lab book index, put a book mark at the appropriate page, and turn it in.

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