What Does AppletQuiz Do?

Teachers can use AppletQuiz' basic features to - simply and easily - present interactive quizzes on their web pages.

Teachers familiar with AppletQuiz can use its advanced features to add hints and explanations, images and graphics, randomized numeric values, and customized text and colors to their quizzes.

The applet below runs an annotated version of the quiz on the "What is AppletQuiz" page. Comments have been added in blue to point out some of the features of the AppletQuiz applet.

You need a Java-enabled browser to take this quiz.

AppletQuiz Basic Features:

AppletQuiz Advanced Features:

On the down side, AppletQuiz is a very large applet, and so it loads slowly. The archived "zip" file helps somewhat, but the applet still takes a while to load, particularly on a slow connection.

The good news is that once AppletQuiz loads for your first quiz, it remains resident for any other quizzes you place in your web pages, so the long wait for loading only happens once per session.

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