Changing the Quiz

Window Position

You can specify the position of the quiz window with the following parameters in the applet tag:

<param name="UL_X" value="new x coordinate">
<param name="UL_Y" value="new y coordinate">

where the upper-left corner of the quiz window will have coordinates (new x coordinate, new y coordinate). in pixels. The default position is(100, 100). Keep in mind that the upper-left corner of the screen has coordinates (0, 0), and the lower right corner has coordinates (x maximum, y maximum).

Once the quiz window is displayed, the student has the option of moving it about on the screen.


The following parameters would set the opening position of the quiz window to (200, 300):

<param name="UL_X" value="200">
<param name="UL_Y" value="300">


It is your responsibility to be sure that the quiz window displays properly at the position and size you select.

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