Multiple-Choice Questions

To present multiple-choice questions in the AppletQuiz applet is very simple. In addition to the question itself, you just need to supply the applet with a simple "separator line" that identifies the question type and gives the correct answer. (Detailed instructions follow.)

The AppletQuiz presents your question in a window separate from your web page, and supplies buttons so that the student can select choice "A" through "E" (If fewer choices are provided in the question, AppletQuiz automatically disables the unused buttons.) to respond to the question, "Next Question" to skip the question, or "Quit" to quit the quiz. (The student can also respond by pressing "A", "B", "C", "D", "E", "N", or "Q" on the keyboard.)

An example question is shown below as it appears in the question file, and as it appears in the AppletQuiz applet.

A "Basic" Multiple-Choice Question

How the question appears in the question file:

The first President of the United States was:
A. Abraham Lincoln
B. George Washington
C. Thomas Jefferson
D. John Adams
E. Benjamin Franklin

How the question appears in the AppletQuiz applet:

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