What is AppletQuiz?

The AppletQuiz applet allows teachers/instructors in any subject area to embed interactive quizzes into their web pages.

You write quizzes using any simple text editor. Quizzes require a minimum of special formatting. The quizzes are kept in simple text files on the same server as the web page. If the teacher uses the MicroTest test generator program, question files can be generated almost automatically.

The student is presented with a simple, consistent interface, and receives immediate feedback, including hints and explanations supplied by the teacher.

After quitting the quiz, the student is shown a summary of their performance. The student can elect to repeat the entire quiz, or repeat only the questions that they missed or skipped. (No permanent records are kept - this version of the applet is for practice questions only.)

The applet below contains a sample AppletQuiz quiz. There is also an annotated version of this quiz on the page "What Will AppletQuiz Do?". You may also view the question file for this quiz, if you like.

You need a Java-enabled browser to take this quiz.

Other Examples of the AppletQuiz Applet


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