Creating Custom Units

on the TI-89

Converting units, and even using units in calculations, isn't too clunky on the TI-89 once you get used to it. Sometimes it gets to be a pain to enter common units, like m/s or m/s2 using several key strokes, though. Fortunately, the TI-89 makes it easy to add custom units to the units menu. Here's how:


Let's add the velocity unit "m/s" to the Units Menu:


1. Enter the unit "_m/_s". You can enter it using the Units Menu (2nd key3 key) or type it directly.

2. Press sto key.


3. Now, you need a new name for this unit. How about "mps"? Press diamond keymode key2nd keyalpha key5 keysto key3 keyalpha key (underscore, alpha-lock, "mps", cancel alpha lock).

4 Press enter key.

calculation result

5. Open the "Velocity" submenu of the Units Menu, and note that the new velocity unit is in place. From now on, you can enter the unit "_m/_s" by selecting "_mps" from the menu, or typing it from the keyboard.

new units menu

last update August 4, 2003 by JL Stanbrough