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Recalling the Parameters in a User-Defined Function

on the TI-89

Sooner or later you will have the experience that you don't remember the parameters of a user-defined function that you need to use. The function is in the calculator, but what parameters did it take, and in what order? You can use the Program Editor to find out.

Press the APPS key key to access the Applications Menu, then select ":7 Program Editor" and "2: Open" from the submenu.

applications menu

Select either "Function" or "Program" from the Type menu. Then you can select the function or program that you want from the Variable menu.

the open dialog

When you press "Enter = OK", the program or function you selected is loaded into the Program Editor. Aha! The "critnum" function takes two parameters, "f", a function, and "x", the variable in the function. Note that you can use the Program Editor to make changes in the function or program, so if you don't want to make changes, be careful! Press HOME key to return to the home screen.

the program editor

last update November 18, 2003 by JL Stanbrough