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Limits at Infinity

on the TI-89

Example 2 on p. 189 of the Larsen text is:

"Find the limit: lim (2x-1)/(x+1) as x -> infinity"

Although you are expected to be able to solve such limits "by hand", it can be very useful to use your calculator to check your work and to generate practice problems on your own. Here's how it works:

On the TI-89, limits at infinity (or negative infinity) are handled just like other limits. The infinity symbol is entered by pressing <green diamond><CATALOG>

Solving the problem

The screen at right shows the TI-89 solution to Example 4b on p. 191 of the Larsen text: Ex. 4b, p191

Example 4b, p. 191

last update May 21, 2002 by JL Stanbrough