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Handling Transformation of Functions

on the TI-89

You can define a function in f(x) notation on the home screen as shown at right.

defining the function

Then, you can enter any transform you want on the "Y=" screen (Press diamond screenF1 key)

y= screen with transforms

Here are the graphs of the 3 functions shown above, made by pressing (-Zoom) and selecting "6: ZoomStd".

graph screen

If you would like an algebraic representation of the transform, you can get it easily on the home key screen.

the home screen

Alternatively, you can simply enter the function on the "y=" screen. You can use this function in exactly the same way as any other. The functions shown at right graph exactly like the ones before, and give the same results on the home screen screen.

y= screen using y1(x)

last update August 28, 2006 by JL Stanbrough