Pasco Science WorkshopTM

Hooking Up the Interface


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To hook up the interface box:

  1. The electrical power plug from the transformer goes in the back of the interface box, in the receptacle marked "9 VDC 500 ma".
  2. The DIN cable to the computer goes in the receptacle in the back of the interface box marked "To Computer" (duh...).
  3. The other end of the computer cable goes in either the modem or printer port, assuming the computer has one. If it has only a USB (serial) port (IMac), you will need to use a serial adapter between USB port of the computer and the interface cable.
  4. The power switch is on the back of the interface box. When you switch it on, the green LED on the front of the box should light.
  5. Open the Science WorkshopTM program. It will search for the interface connection, and when found, will initialize the interface.
pasco interface screen shot

last update June 31, 2000 by JL Stanbrough