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Photogate Setup - Measuring Velocity


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To set up a photogate to measure the velocity of an object:

  1. This dialog opens when you drag the digital plug icon to digital channel 1 in the Setup Window.

    Select sensor dialog box

    This dialog asks you to enter the length (in meters) of the object passing through the photogate.

    enter length dialog box

    This is how the Setup Window will look when the photogate is successfully installed.

    finished product screen shot
    Plug the photogate into Digital Channel 1.
  2. Drag the digital plug icon ( digital plug icon) to the picture of Digital Channel 1(digital channel 1 icon).
  3. A dialog will open in which you should select "Photogate & Solid Object". 
  4. A second dialog will open which asks for the length of the object (in meters) that will be passing through the photogate. This enables the interface to automatically convert the time from the photogate into the velocity of the object passing through it. If you don't need this velocity, you don't need to enter a new value in this dialog.


BHS -> Staff -> Mr. Stanbrough ->Pasco Interface Notes-> this page
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