Physics - Lab Safety Rules


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  1. Follow directions. Come to lab prepared to perform the experiment. Follow all written and verbal instructions. When in doubt, ask.
  2. Absolutely no horseplay. Be alert and attentive at all times. Act like an adult.
  3. Report all accidents, injuries or breakage to the instructor immediately. Also, report any equipment that you suspect is malfunctioning.
  4. Dress appropriately. Avoid wearing overly-bulky or loose-fitting clothing, or dangling jewelry that may become entangled in your experimental apparatus. Pin or tie back long hair and roll up loose sleeves.
  5. Use goggles:
    1. when heating anything.
    2. when using any type of projectile.
    3. when instructed to do so.
  6. Use equipment with care for the purpose for which it is intended.
  7. Do not perform unauthorized experiments. Get the instructor's permission before you try something original.
  8. Be careful when working with apparatus that may be hot. If you must pick it up, use tongs, a wet paper towel, or other appropriate holder.
  9. If a thermometer breaks, inform the instructor immediately. Do not touch either the broken glass or the mercury with your bare skin.
  10. Ask the instructor to check all electrical circuits before you turn on the power.
  11. When working with electrical circuits, be sure that the current is turned off before making adjustments in the circuit.
  12. Do not connect the terminals of a battery or power supply to each other with a wire. Such a wire will become dangerously hot.
  13. Return all equipment, clean and in good condition, to the designated location at the end of the lab period.
  14. Leave your lab area cleaner than you found it.

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