Ch. 20 - Gasses

Terms & Objectives

New terms in chapter 20:

barometer aneroid barometer Bernoulli's Principle
Boyle's Law    

When you have completed chapter 20, you should be able to:

  1. ... describe, in general terms, how the density of the atmosphere varies with altitude.
  2. ... describe, in general terms, how a simple mercury barometer works.
  3. ... describe, in general terms, how drinking through a straw works.
  4. ... tell why there is a 10.3 meter limit on the height that water can be lifted with a vacuum pump.
  5. ... describe, in general terms, how atmospheric pressure can crush a tin can, and relate this to the workings of an aneroid barometer.
  6. ... state Boyle's Law, and solve simple numerical problems involving pressure and volume.
  7. ... describe, using Archimedes' Principle, how a helium or hotter-than-air balloon works.
  8. ... state Bernoulli's Principle.
  9. ... apply Bernoulli's Principle to common situations, such as the lift produced by a wing, or the curving of a spinning baseball.

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