Ch 18 - Solids

Terms & Objectives

New terms in Ch. 18:

crystal elastic Hooke's Law elastic limit
density mass density weight density specific gravity

Ch. 18 Objectives:

When you complete Chapter 18, you should be able to:

  1. ... recognize that some solids have a crystal structure and some don't.
  2. ... give evidence for the existence of crystal structure in solids.
  3. ... calculate the density of a substance given its mass/weight and volume.
  4. ... discuss the meaning of the specific gravity of a substance.
  5. ... distinguish between elastic and inelastic solids.
  6. ... discuss what happens when a solid exceeds its elastic limit.
  7. ... recognize density and elasticity as properties of a substance.
  8. ... state Hooke's Law and use it to solve simple numerical problems.
  9. ... discuss compression and tension in terms of stresses on a loaded beam.
  10. ... discuss scaling in terms of the ratios of size, area, and volume of a substance.
  11. ... use scaling arguments to discuss the physical structure of animals and their interaction with their environment.

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