Physics 1 - Chapter 10
Center of Gravity
Terms & Objectives


Note: The following terms and objectives are based on the Indiana Standards 2000 for Physics 1. You may download the complete physics standards by clicking here, or view the standards relevant to Chapter 10 - Center of Gravity here.

New Terms in Chapter 10:

center of gravity

center of mass



stable equilibrium

unstable equilibrium

neutral equilibrium

area of support

Chapter 10 Objectives:

When you have completed chapter 10, you should be able to:

  1. ... discuss the concepts "center of gravity" and "center of mass" of an object.
  2. ... find the center of gravity of an object at least 2 different ways.
  3. ... predict whether an object will topple, knowing the location of its center of gravity and its area of support.
  4. ... distinguish among stable equilibrium, unstable equilibrium, and neutral equilibrium, and discuss the conditions for each.
  5. ... give examples of how an animal can adjust its center of gravity in different situations.

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