Physics 1 - Chapter 11
Rotational Mechanics
Terms & Objectives


New Terms in Chapter 11:


lever arm

rotational acceleration

rotational equilibrium

balanced torques

unbalanced torques

net torque

rotational inertia

moment of inertia

angular momentum

conservation of angular momentum

Chapter 11 Objectives:

When you have completed chapter 11, you should be able to:

  1. ... define "torque" and tell what torque depends on.
  2. ... explain the difference between force and torque.
  3. ... define "lever arm" and explain how it influences torque.
  4. ... describe what happens if torques are balanced in a system.
  5. ... calculate the force required to bring a simple "seesaw" into rotational equilibrium.
  6. ... describe what happens if torques are not balanced in a system.
  7. ... discuss stability in terms of center of gravity and torques.
  8. ... discuss the rotational inertia of an object, and the factors affecting rotational inertia.
  9. ... describe how a person can vary their rotational inertia.
  10. ... describe the outcome of a race between a ring, a disk, and a sphere on an incline, and discuss the factors that influence the outcome.
  11. ... discuss the physical factors affecting the angular momentum of an object.
  12. ... describe what happens to an object when its rotational inertia is changed in terms of conservation of angular momentum.

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