Physics - Chapter 38
The Atom and the Quantum
Terms & Objectives

New Terms in Chapter 38:

photoelectric effect quantum (plural: quanta) quantum physics quantum mechanics
Planck's constant photon probability energy levels
standing wave interference frequency wavelength
wave/particle duality quantized    

Chapter 38 Core Ideas:

Chapter 38 Objectives:

When you have completed Chapter 38, you should be able to:

  1. ... describe the photoelectric effect, and tell how Einstein explained it.
  2. ... tell what it means for a quantity to be quantized, and give examples.
  3. ... give examples of models of light.
  4. ... describe constructive and destructive interference of light.
  5. ... describe evidence for the wave nature of light.
  6. ... describe evidence for the particle nature of light.
  7. ... discuss the relative sizes of atoms.
  8. ... describe evidence for the wave nature of electrons.
  9. ... discuss the wave properties of matter.
  10. ... tell what quantum mechanics is and discuss some of its characteristics.

Possible Misconceptions to Correct:

Do you believe that any of the following statements are true? They AREN'T! When you finish Chapter 38, you should understand that each of these statements is FALSE, and WHY.

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