Physics - Ch. 22 Terms and Objectives

Heat Transfer

New Terms in Chapter 22:

conduction conductor insulator convection
radiation electromagnetic radiation radiant energy Newton's Law of Cooling

Chapter 22 Objectives:

When you have completed chapter 22, you should be able to:

  1. ... describe energy transfer by conduction, and give examples.
  2. ... discuss the differences between conductors and insulators of heat energy.
  3. ... explain why a metal object often feels colder than a wood or cloth item at the same temperature.
  4. ... recognize that conduction is more efficient in solids than in liquids or gasses.
  5. ... describe energy transfer by convection, and give examples.
  6. ... recognize that convection occurs in fluids (gasses and liquids), not solids, and explain why.
  7. ... explain how Archimedes' Principle relates to convection.
  8. ... tell what happens to the temperature of a gas as the gas expands and is compressed.
  9. ... describe energy transfer by radiation, and give examples.
  10. ... explain why a good absorber of radiation must also be a good emitter of radiation.
  11. ... discuss Newton's Law of Cooling.