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What is a pretest?

A pretest is a test given before a topic is covered in class.

Why give pretests?

Although the idea of a pretest may sound silly at first, it has several things going for it. Specifically,

Advantages for the student:

  1. The pretest will tell you what topics will be covered in a chapter.
  2. You can use the pretest as a study and reading guide - the pretest will tell you what areas you need to concentrate on and what areas you can skim.
  3. The pretest will help you prepare for the chapter test.

Do pretests count as tests?

No. It doesn't matter how well or how poorly you do on a pretest.

Should I study for the pretest?

No. Do not study for the pretest, and do not look up answers. Just do your best. You will find that you will recall a great deal of information from your previous science classes. The pretest is designed to find out what you know right now. It should never take you more than 10 - 15 minutes to complete a pretest.

Are the chapter tests like the pretests?

No, not exactly. The pretests are designed to test your recall of terms, definitions, facts, etc. pertaining to the chapter topic. The chapter tests are designed to test your understanding of the material. While it is common for a question or two from the pretest to find its way onto the chapter test, in general you should not expect the chapter test to be at the same level of difficulty as the pretest.

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